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Te Hoe Home Kills required an online presence to allow customers in the Waikato region to connect with them.


Te Hoe Home Kills required an informative and clear website to showcase their skills and provide customers with pricing and order information. A single page layout was chosen to provide key information to the user, which included information about the butchers, order forms and contact details.


A single page layout was chosen to minimise unnecessary details and give the user a simple, enjoyable experience. A traditional navigation was used to improve the user experience, giving the feel of a multi page website without the bulk. Imagery was widely used to display the services and quality of Te Hoe’s services.

Te Hoe’s order forms were redesigned to create a better user experience, by stripping out the unnecessary design we were able to create a clear and easy to follow experience. A bold, readable typeface was required to fit with the imagery and overall design of Te Hoe Home Kills. Brandon Grotesque was chosen as its bold, strong shapes and easily legible letterforms contrast with the strong colours and imagery used in the background. Rounded corners created contrast and softened the lines and colours used throughout the site.


  • Single page responsive design
  • SilverStripe CMS
  • Home kill order forms

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