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The Challenge

TAS Health provide strategic advisory and programme management services to the health sector.

Having worked closely with TAS for a number of years, we knew there were a number of gaps in the online experience. We needed to take action to transform their services delivery.

We provided:

  • User experience research

  • Custom website design

  • Alignment to web accessibility standards

  • Custom web development

  • Ongong love and support

Our goals were to:

  • Clearly define our audience, understand their needs, pain points, goals and top tasks

  • Revisit the layout of the existing website, taking this opportunity to update the user interface to align with our customers needs and update the sites look and feel.




The Outcome

Website UI

The outcome is a website that has been the center of a bunch of positive feedback from its users. A website that is much easier to use. We made some interesting findings along the way as well. One of which was that we could give our users the important content they need using fewer pages and key sections. The outcome of our research lead us to:

  • Reduce the number of sections on the website

  • Implement an easy to use search bar and quicklinks to top pages

  • Updated the look and feel to align with TAS Healths ‘Smart thinking’ message

  • Supported the migration of content to a new site with steps such as SEO retention, link redirects and user permissions to reduce risk and make for a nicer editing experience.

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