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The Challenge

Sam Machinery produce iconic high quality farm machinery. They needed a website to lift the quality of their online presence to match the quality of their product and brand. 


We worked closely with Sam Machinery to understand their needs and from that, we outlined the following project goals:

  • Make sure the website would be easy for users to navigate, interact with and quickly find the information they needed

  • Deliver an experience that was visually superior, ensuring they stand out from their competition

  • Ensure the SAM team get a website that is easy for them to edit and update themselves

The Outcome


We pushed the boundaries with the SAM Machinery website. Taking pride in their brand and their product through a high quality website that helps them stand out.

To achieve this we introduced a 3d viewer. Showing off their range in an interactive way that lets users get up close and personal with their product through their website
Balancing this interactivity with a fresh look and clean design means users can easily find the information they are looking for. Be it about a specific part of the model. All the while, giving the team at Sam a super easy to use website editing experience.

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