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We were approached by the Reach team to rebuild their identity and create a web presence. Reach is a support service for people who are registered as job seekers, and manage a health issue or disability. The Reach team takes time to listen, support and walk with people on their journey to wellbeing.

The existing Reach brand was dull and uninspiring, and didn't fit the values of Support, inclusiveness and leadership. Our challenge was to create an identity which fit these values and portrayed Reach in a unique, interesting way.

By using vibrant colours and soft typography, the Reach brand is eye catching and approachable. The koru shape symbolises growth and strength, and when matched with the chosen colour palette gives a feeling of inclusiveness and belonging.

We worked alongside Watermark studios, who created an animation informing people interested in Reach how the programme works and it's benefits. We used assets and design cues from this animation to create a cohesive, engaging web presence for the Reach team. The structure of the site was kept simple to appeal to the target audience, with well defined sections and calls to action.

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