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The Challenge

PlayAlchemist had a communication challenge and an online presence that needed to align with their values. A community dedicated to providing a grand, awe-inspiring joyful experience, lifting the human spirit, inspiring a sense of culture, community, and civic engagement Weaved in with their Alchemist persona. Through a decommodified, collaborative Burning Man site, the Grand Pyramid.


To achieve this we:


  • Supported a new public relations effort which sought to demystify the perception of the camp as a commodified turn key experience.

  • Enable PlayAlchemist to tell their story using a cleaner design and enhanced visuals.

  • Developed an online platform for Play Alchemist to coordinate their community

  • Provide support to the camp community in a way that aligned with the ten principles of Burning Man on and off the playa

The Outcome


When PlayAlchemist approached us, we first started out by understanding the real problem they were using their website to solve for the community. In understanding that we were able to help them solve a broad number of problems including


  • Consistent and accurate PR and Comms with better storytelling

  • Improved community coordination

  • Improved design with a cleaner user experience

  • Ongoing access to support with their digital needs.


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